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My Store

My Store

Welcome to Kikaboo Creations.  My store contains many of my most popular items including our vegan leather character bags, leather bags and jewelry.  Did you see something at a festival that you don't see here?  Email me at [email protected] or call me at  650-279-2854

Thanks for your support!

Pam / Kikaboo Creations

When using the store (I ONLY ship within the US):

NOTE1: I have listed more than one item under each picture.  Please look at the description to find the character and style you are looking for.  You can also search on the character and it should come up. 

NOTE2: When ordering, please make sure you select the right item - there is a dropdown box on the order page to select the picture/item you want to buy.  If this isn't selected, you may receive the wrong item. 


All Whimsical Character Backpacks Whimsical Character Messenger Bags Whimsical Character Cellphone Bags Whimsical Character Keychain/Coinpurse Whimsical Character Tote Bags Whimsical Character Big Tote Whimsical Character Tote - Large Zippered Whimsical Character Tote - Large Striped Whimsical Character Big Tote - Large with Pocket and Zipper Whimsical Character Deluxe Messenger (Tablet) Bag Whimsical Character Wallet Italian Leather Backpacks Day of the Dead Inspired Jewelry Native American Jewelry - Pendants Whimsical Character Work Tote Whimsical Character Safari Tote Whimsical Character Safari Messenger
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